すべてのビザが対象です これで手間が省けますね タイ在住外国人には嬉しいニュースです!

TM30初提出の場合や住所が変わる場合は「TM30アプリ」で提出するのが便利です ダウンロード方法は ↓ にあります


Thailand to Relax Rules on T.M.30 Immigration Requirements

In the event that a foreign national travels and stays in another place on an occasional basis, and then returns to stay at the same premises within the period of stay specified in the T.M.30, then a new T.M.30 will need not be submitted each time they arrive. The new rules are applicable to all foreign nationals who stay in Thailand on any type of visa, including holders of multiple-entry visas and re-entry permits which enable the holders to leave and return to Thailand within their visa validity period.


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